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May 5, 2015

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Packaging Supplier?

Every company wants a competitive edge in their market. “By establishing a partnership with knowledgeable, and innovative, packaging suppliers, brands gain access to important resources, can get goods on shelves more quickly, and design products effectively and efficiently,” says in their article “How Packaging Suppliers Add Value To Food Production Operations.”

Manufacturers sometimes overlook the value that packaging suppliers can add to their processing and end product. Beyond simply providing a package that protects the product and meets performance requirements, packaging suppliers can help improve operational efficiency, help increase product visibility, and attract consumer attention.

Food manufacturers can benefit by viewing packaging suppliers as business partners rather than just vendors. Manufacturers can make use of their suppliers’ expertise, assets, and capabilities to gain an important critical edge in the market. Many food producers have already recognized the value in this and actively seek out suppliers willing to leverage resources to have impact on production operations and the quality of finished products.

Pak West’s slogan, “Your Packaging Think Tank”, conveys what the company’s business model is about and resonates with FoodOnline’s premise of the business partner rather than just the packaging vendor.

With four divisions, Pak West covers corrugated materials, conveyor systems, flexible packaging, and integrated services, such as project management, turn-key system development, throughput processing improvement, packaging design, procurement, inventory services, logistical support, technical support, and cash-flow maximization programs…services that have little to do with packaging itself.

“As food packaging continues to evolve to accommodate shifting consumer preferences, food producers have many options to choose from in order to help their product get noticed on the shelves. By partnering with a packaging supplier, producers have access to vital input and knowledge.”


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