Pak West Packaging
May 20, 2015

Jim Fleming, Pak West Chief Operating Officer, Retires

April 1st, a day in infamy at Pak West, the retirement of Pak West’s own Jim Fleming after 20 years with the company.

111101_pw_1796As Jim moves on to the next chapter of his life, he leaves a legacy of ideals behind that will be relied upon to continue the evolution he started. First, the establishment of a long-term marketing strategy to grow the relatively small Pak West at the time into a highly service-oriented, value-added company. Secondly, the fostering of personal growth and development of the staff to help the company move forward with the experience and knowledge needed to thrive within an ever-changing industry. Lastly, the cultivation of the relationship whether with customers, vendors, or partners by providing a level of assistance and problem solving that goes above and beyond.

But, for those he leaves behind, Jim taught the value of relationships within one’s own company. He made a concerted effort to bond with all the employees by stopping by their desks or giving a personalized “Hello” on his rounds in the office. He was never just a title dictating to the masses. He was a leader that got to know those around him, because he knew that every single employee was what moved the company.

We will miss the daily lessons received from Jim and the influence he had on our work and personal lives (whether he knew it or not). We thank you, Jim, and wish you the best on this new chapter of your life – we wouldn’t be here without you!



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    To say that Jim had an influence is a gross understatement in what he cultivated and nurtured at Pak West. He will be sorely missed!

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    Jim never thought he would be here for this long. His short term consulting deal turned into 20 years because he had the backing of good ownership, the ideas to change and grow the company, and a staff willing to learn and evolve with the changing times. He left Pak West far better than he found it and we are all grateful for his two decades of leadership, friendship and guidance.

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    Working with Jim was such a pleasure. I always appreciated his thoughtful, steady approach to solving any problem large or small. He proved that it doesn’t take a loud voice to accomplish tremendous things. His kindness and humbleness personality was admirable. He will be truly missed!

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    I am probably the last person who you thought would recognize your retirement. Thank you for being a mentor to me and everyone at Pak West. I will always remember you for leadership and management skills. Thinking back I still marvel at them to this day. Congratulations on your retirement. I hope that you live long and prosper. I still remember you saying…”The Best is Yet to Come”. God Bless you.
    Kind Regards,
    Ken Lukes

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    In this world, this life it is a rare opportunity to know an individual of Mr. Flemings character, strength and compassion. I count myself blessed to have seen and experienced his friendship and tutalege. I have said this to friends, family and people in the packaging industry – there are two people I would walk through fire for, one was my father the other is Jim Fleming. Your legacy will live through all you have touched and mentored. Enjoy this next chapter, my friend. I wish God’s greatest of blessings.

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