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February 23, 2016

Get the Most Out of Your Turnkey Solutions Provider

In last month’s blog post (January 12), we highlighted the reasons to use a single-source packaging supplier mentioning that Pak West is one and offers help with primary packaging, secondary packaging, packaging equipment and production line systems as well as warehousing, inventory, and logistics.

Today, we look at the service of turnkey solutions that most single-source suppliers offer.  Pak West, in conjunction with sister division Pacific Conveyor Systems, offers turnkey solutions with project management, throughput process improvement engineering as well as custom equipment  engineering, designing, and manufacturing. 

Turnkey solutions are a growing trend in the food industry and selecting a provider for packaging and processing needs is convenient and efficient.  Find a single-source supplier that can deliver the right technology and services needed to optimally build the entire production line, because it involves more than just design, installation, and testing.

A turnkey solutions provider offers products and services before, during, and after installation, taking full responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. These solutions include project management, controls and integration, and training.

Project Management Capabilities – Ensure projects on time, on budget, disrupt little to business.

  • Support from Start to Finish – A dedicated project manager ensures the right equipment is selected and is installed correctly and also oversees the details like delivery and legal requirements.
  • Modular Equipment – A turnkey provider can estimate and improve how effectively various equipment pieces will work within the entire production line.
  • Investment Security – Project managers ensure new systems meet required expectations and performance goals after installation, but more importantly, during pre-testing and pre-building.

  • Controls and Integration Technology – Turnkey providers offer a range of control systems for increasing automation from controlling energy costs, product quality and process inefficiencies to ensuring seamless integration.

  • Single Point of Contact – Providers can deliver diagnostic data for all machines from a single platform and store it in a single database with a user-friendly interface for quick and easy access and use.
  • 360 Visibility – Using a turnkey supplier helps provide monitoring of the entire line as a whole to reduce or eliminate waste and inefficiencies, to find production flaws or breaks, and to optimize such things as automation versus human labor.
  • Seamless Integration – A provider will be there for future changes, ensuring additions or deletions to the line integrate seamlessly.

  • Training – A fully trained production line staff is essential.

  • Everything Covered – A turnkey solutions provider covers every aspect of the machinery from operator training, safety, installation, and trouble-shooting to cleaning with a focus on reducing downtime.
  • Flexible Training Solutions – The provider should offer a variety of courses to suit the individual needs of its customer, which should include online, on-site, or off-site, no matter what skill level, budget, or location.

  • To stay competitive, food manufacturers are adapting their production to the latest consumer trends creating the need for expert turnkey solutions providers.

    Summarized from “Project Management, Controls & Integration, Training: 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Turnkey Solutions Provider” by Michael Green of tna.

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