March 9, 2016

Pak West Sales Staff Gets Educated

This week, Pak West held a technical training session for its sales team at the Pak West Tech Center and at Pacific Conveyor Systems.  The Tech Center is the home of Pak West’s technical services department, which is responsible for all the maintenance and refurbishing of packaging equipment sold, rented, and serviced.  Pacific Conveyor Systems (PCS) is Pak West’s sister division handling custom conveyors and automation systems.

Pak West service technicians, PCS employees, and vendor representatives gave presentations and demonstrations.

Picture above: PCS employee Austin Mosley explains the SCM Pratix Z5, a 5-axis CNC router, which PCS uses to make custom conveyor and automation parts.


Lantech’s case erector expert Todd Abney demonstrates the company’s C300 case erector pointing out the square case and anti-jamming features, which the equipment is known for.

Click here to see the C300 in action.

John Rizzo, Pak West’s Material Handling Product Manager, demonstrates Engineering Lifting Systems’ Destuff-It, which allows for ergonomic loading and unloading of shipping containers.

Click here to see the Destuff-It in action.

PCS employee Jason Smith goes over a custom control board he’s assembling for an automation system.

Leo Blair, PCS General Manager, shows a custom metal detector system manufactured by PCS.

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