June 14, 2016

Keeping Safe at Pak West!

Today is the third annual National Forklift Safety Day, which is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association.

Pak West forklift operators below are William Morales, Operations Assistant, Frank Salucci, Warehouse Supervisor, and Sergio Rojas, Warehouseman.


As with all forklift operators, they are certified to operate forklifts and take regular safety classes, which studies have shown directly correlates to the number of forklift accidents.

About 110,000 forklift related accidents occur every year, and last year alone, more than 50 people died from forklift accidents.

Injuries and deaths usually occur when people are too close to moving forklifts, and most workers injured were aware of them.  The operator may have turned or accelerated improperly, or the operator and the worker didn’t communicate.

Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe!

  1. Be aware of the surrounding environment.
  2. Operate at a safe speed and avoid hazards.
  3. Ensure load is stable, secure, evenly distributed, and not overloaded.
  4. Make sure you have clear visibility and the mast is clear.
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