November 29, 2016

Pacific Conveyor Systems Recognized

Pacific Conveyor Systems (PCS), Pak West’s sister division specializing in conveyor and automation equipment and systems, was recognized by the Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America, at its 4th annual Daifuku SmartCart® Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) Value Added Reseller (VAR) Conference held October 3rd and 4th in Novi, Michigan.

Pacific Conveyor Systems was one of ten resellers recognized for top sales in 2015 as well as selling and installing its first AGC system in China, which was sold and managed by Joseph Blair of PCS.



“As our VARs remain leaders in the material handling business they continue to play an integral role in promoting SmartCart AGCs throughout the world” said Bruce Buscher, Vice President of Smart Handling at Jervis B. Webb Company. “We value the growing VAR network for their AGC knowledge and unparalleled dedication of going over and beyond customer’s expectations.”

PCS integrates Daifuku’s SmartCart AGC products into efficient, cost effective, and reliable solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries. VARs like PCS have installed over 4,000 SmartCart AGCs worldwide in more than 350 different applications from warehouses to distribution centers and assembly systems.

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