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January 31, 2017

Automatic Guided Vehicles Become More Mainstream with Smaller Models

More and more manufacturing plants, especially food and beverage, are seeing the benefits of adding automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to their operations to reduce staffing, damage, and costs (depending on production volume) and to increase efficiency, flexibility, and organization within the plant.  In a recent article by Automation World’s Executive Editor Aaron Hand, he cited that the benefits of AGVs are tangible and ROI can be short for the right production environment.

In the past, AGVs were used by huge factories like automotive plants with the production volume and space for the vehicles to maneuver, but today, AGVs are being developed for smaller facilities and with more flexibility.

Daifuku Webb, a leader in AGVs with its SmartCart brand has introduced the M10K-T Model 300 Hybrid Tugger to its line, which combines their standard Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) technology with a man-ride option, a first for Daifuku!

The Tugger can operate automatically along a predictable transport path or manually when the need for human interaction off of the standard route or process routine is required.

With a 10,000 pound (4500 kg) towing capacity, it makes it one of the most powerful hybrid towing options available.

Pacific Conveyor Systems, Pak West’s sister division specializing in conveyor and automation equipment and systems, is a Value-Added Reseller of the Daifuku SmartCarts.  If you’d like more information about how SmartCarts could help your material handling operations, contact us.

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