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Custom design of your primary packaging around your product needs.

Specialty Films

Lidding films-peelable, non-peelable and ovenable. Polypropylene, PVC stretchable films. Cold seal films.

Pacific Flexible Film

General Purpose Films

BOPP, polyethylene, heat sealable polyester

Pacific Flexible Film

MAP Films for Oxygen and Moisture Barriers

Modified atmosphere packaging, seafood, dairy and meat films. Films for snack foods, chips, crackers, grains, rice, coffee, pet foods. PVDC Coated polypropylene and polyester.

Pacific Flexible Thermoforming Film

Rigid Containers

Ovenable and Microwaveable CPET and paperboard, injection and blow-molded polypropylene, polystyrene OPS, High Impact polystyrene HIPS, PET

Pak West Bakery Containers

Food Packaging Equipment

Vertical form fill and seal, horizontal form fill and seal, filling for deli cups and lids, vacuum packaging and roll stock equipment, modified atmosphere packaging, clamshell de-nesting and closing equipment, meat and produce PVC wrappers, flow wrappers, liquid filling, linear and combination scales

Packaging Line Synchronization

Tech Lab

The Pacific Flexible Solutions Tech Lab is a design and quality assurance center that has the capability to analyze and test packaging material as well as expedite prototypes whether it be in the design, pre-production, production, or post-production phase. The lab is equipped with material analyzers, heat sealers, and tensile testers.

Pacific Flexible Tech Lab

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