Pak West

Pak West

Pak West Packaging


Industrial packaging specialists will lower your cost of acquisition and improve your throughput processes.

Turn-Key System Development

Full-time mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, system designers and millwrights

Industrial Packaging Equipment

Shrink wrappers and tunnels, shrink bundlers, flow wrappers, corrugated & chipboard case formers, case tapers, gluers, Lantech pallet wrappers, palletizers, robotics, new & used equipment, rental machines

tech center

Packaging Supplies

Shrink film, polyethylene bundling film, pallet stretch wrap, carton sealing tape, pallet and box strapping

pw warehouse

Technical Support & Parts

Factory trained service professionals, fully stocked service vans, in-house shop field service, preventive maintenance programs and after hours support

Shipping Supplies

Void fill, bubble, foam, newsprint, stock and custom boxes, bags, corner v-board, slip sheets

Warehouse and Maintenance Supplies

Trash liners, towels, tissue, cleaners and maintenance equipment

Recycling Systems

Trash compactors, industrial balers, airflow systems, shredders, foam redensifiers

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