Pacific Flexible Meat Trays

The Clear Solution


Food, Meat, Retail, Supermarket


Pallet Wrappers, Stretch Film


Freight Reduction, Increased Sales

Pacific Flexible Meat Trays

The move from industry standard to clear innovation

“Pak West was able to extend their alliance way beyond simply providing packaging substrates….”

Director of Operations at the market

The Client

A neighborhood market located in California, Nevada and Arizona

The Situation

These neighborhood markets are a small subsidiary of a larger brand based in Europe. They specialize in making foods with no high fructose corn syrup, no added trans fats, artificial flavors or colors, and supply a variety of top brands. In February of 2011, the company came into an alliance with Pak West and expressed the desire to replace their current meat tray program. Due to the vendor only producing their current meat trays in the UK, our client was experiencing high minimum order quantities, extensive lead times that increased with the design of custom items, hefty shipping costs, and were limited to the color options of milky-clear or black.

The Challenge

The company had a multitude of requirements for these new meat trays. The first and highest priority was developing a high clarity/high barrier meat tray—much like the trays currently utilized in their European stores that allowed customers to view the quality of their meat in their modern LED lighted display cases. The next task was to optimize transportation and shelf space expenses by creating a smaller footprint package that also created a tighter fit around the meat. Additionally, they needed shorter lead times, lower overall cost, logistics and reporting alignments, and a faster response time.

The Solution

_MG_0254-EditOur Packaging Specialists brought to the company, and the United States, the first high clarity/high barrier meat tray with a wide range of customization options. Since starting the manufacturing of this item, lower lead times have been realized, and Pak West has been able to provide the company with a JIT warehousing space several hundred yards from their facility that runs 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, minimizing administrative costs and maximizing cash flow. As a result of the conversion, the neighborhood market has had a 21% same store sales increase in their meat items.

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