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Pak West Filling Equipment Case Study

Optimizing shelf life and turning waste into powdered profits.

“We originally chose Pak West because they had competitive prices, quality service, and we could get both our equipment and consumables from the same vendor. As we have grown and expanded into diverse market areas, Pak West has been able to provide the material we need for all of our different projects. This combined with their continued quality service is why we chose, and continue to choose Pak West as our packaging supplier.”

Production/Operations Manager

The Client

A revolutionary micro-dried fruit and vegetable company

The Situation

This locally-owned and operated independent processor of fruit-based products and ingredients has been a part of their larger parent organization for close to a decade and is already one of the largest farming operations in the state of Washington. In their endeavor to invest in other fruit sources, expand storage capacity, and improve the quality and efficiency of their processing facilities, they opened a new facility in the Northwest. This launch prompted a meeting with Pak West as well as competitors to help launch a successful startup.

The Challenge

One of their most popular items, a micro-dried product, was to be the main item produced at this new facility. The first problem was lack of knowledge in the area of shelf life testing and film design for this new product. The second problem was they also needed assistance with the machinery necessary to run their new item. The product was to be packaged in a bag and box and required at least a two-year shelf life. Finally, once the product was dried and inspected, they did not know what to do with the residual waste product that did not meet its size standards.

The Solution

fillerPak West utilized its product and process specialists to determine the exact type of bag material that was needed for the extended shelf life, determined the size and style of the box necessary to hold the weight of the product, and also constructed efficient pallets for the end product. After the correct bag material was selected, Pak West stepped ahead of the competition by selecting the best equipment to ensure an effective and safe seal on the 45 gram bag taking into account the life of the product. Pak West also helped brainstorm the idea of producing a powder out of the residual waste, and then set up the equipment to manufacture the waste into a sellable product. This “idea” has since become their most popular selling item. In addition to the materials and equipment being provided, Pak West also provides warehousing and 24/7 service and expertise on all of the processing and packaging equipment.

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