Pak West Clamshell Packaging Case Study

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Pak West Clamshell Packaging Case Study

Making dollars out of scents through process improvement and unique custom packaging

“Pak West has been an integral part of our continued growth, touching all aspects of our company… they bundle a vast portfolio of services that move in the direction we need them to, when we need them to. Our success as a company is integrally tied to the skill-sets and professionalism of their company”

Chief Operating Officer

The Client

A personal and home fragrance manufacturer.

The Situation

Founded in 2004, this international leader in fragrance products has blossomed from a $140,000 annual revenue company to making over $535 million. Although they specialize in wickless candles and warmers, they also produce scented sprays, stuffed animals, body applications, travel tins, among other items. Once acquired by their current owner, the company’s rapid growth made it difficult for them to keep up with themselves and to protect their product from pirating. Already engaged in an alliance, Pak West stepped in to help.

The Challenge

In the forefront of their operations, the company hand poured their wax into readily available stock clamshells making it easy for competitors to mimic and sell. They were running three shifts per day, six days per week and were quickly outgrowing their manufacturing space. Pak West was asked to help design, in conjunction with the fragrance company’s design team, a new clamshell that could not be easily (or cheaply) imitated. In tandem with the new design, the request to automate both the manufacturing and packaging process was also a high priority.

The Solution

productPak West was not only able to address their pirating issue with a completely customized and patented clamshell, shaped like their classic warmer, but also automated their production and packaging process with patented machines that took them from 4,000 clamshells per day to 450,000 per day. To pair with this: if any of these machines requires maintenance or diagnostic checks, Pak West can have a service technician there within 24 hours. Finally, to undertake the company’s rapid growth, Pak West opened consignment warehouses near each manufacturing facility (even in Poland) where stock is available 24/7—saving the fragrance company $8-10 million in direct shipping each year. By knowing this company so well, Pak West continues to be able to help them manage their growth and grow with them.

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