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Pak West Bakery System

Preparing optimal turn-key operation systems.

The Client

A bakery located in Southern California

The Situation

In 2013, an existing client, a small, privately-held bakery with unique recipes for various cookies and bakery items, was asked to develop a new bakery offering for a national food chain requiring re-engineering of its facility and equipment to expand needed throughput.

The Challenge

Our client developed a filled donut hole-like product with different flavored fillings. Our client was required to meet the high volume demands of the items while meeting a “cost-per-serving” threshold. Pak West was asked to analyze the overall production of the product and from that to develop automation concepts to meet the volume requirements. The outside-in approach to this product posed the biggest hurdle from a production standpoint.

The Solution

Budding SolutionRVWith the combined efforts of Pak West and its sister companies Pacific Conveyor and Pacific Western Container, all the customer’s initial requirements were exceeded. First, product carrier packaging was developed with a recycled material that led to cost improvements on trays, master cases, pallet density, and distribution costs as well as the needs at store level. To further improve cost reductions and throughput, Pak West designed and manufactured, where necessary, the product handling system from the initial cutting of the dough to gram weight accuracy, sorting, aligning, filling, tray packing, case packing and case bundling to the palletizing. The closed-loop system allowed for upwards of 100 donuts per minute to be mixed, cut, fried, cooled, filled, tray packed, boxed up, and put into the freezer. This proprietary system was built and tested at Pacific Conveyor to fit in the confined spaces of two of the client’s bakery locations. Finally, the logistics and reporting tasks were refined and upgraded to also minimize administrative processes while ensuring maximum utilization of space and cash flow without any production downtime.

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