The Over-Bulked Solution


Retail, National Account, Supermarket


Food, Drinks, Corrugated


Custom Branding, Marketing, Throughput Process, Increased Sales, Damage Reduction, Labor Savings

Premier Protein Packaging

Lean results driven by the magnitude of the research

The Client

A Southern California protein product manufacturer

The Situation

Originating 20 years ago, this manufacturer of protein bars and drinks was acquired in 2013 by a new parent company. Their products are sold nationwide in small footprint as well as club stores. As with many acquisitions, the parent company examined their cost of acquisition and initiated cost saving measures. They also brought Pak West in to modernize and strengthen the packaging materials.

The Challenge

The client had been supplying their product in DST trays to a club store for the last 15 years. They had been very cost conscious with the packaging, which resulted in many instances of damage during transit. The new owners wanted this resolved. The client was hesitant to make, what would be, a more expensive change. Pak West’s team surveyed the client’s as well as the competition’s product, chipboard cartons and corrugated master packs, conducted market research, and then analyzed the data collected on their client’s competitors. Pak West took photos, bought the competitor’s product and packaging, and compared board thickness, use of shrink film and styles of shippers, all in an effort to provide the client with the best data to show them that the change was necessary to improve performance and meet adequate shipping requirements.

The Solution

Over-Bulked Solution SFrom the thorough research done with the competition, the product box was changed to a thicker chipboard, shrink film was eliminated, and the pop-up display had stronger perforations added. The DST was eliminated and a PDQ was created, which was used for shipping the product as well as the POP display at the store. These changes helped to greatly reduce damage occurring during transit and the elimination of shrink film saved money, improved throughput, and eliminated a labor process. To fulfill the modernization request, the packaging artwork was also updated to better appeal to customers by having a picture of the product on it. Though overall material costs did increase, sales increased by 35% from these changes and labor was reduced. The customer has been very satisfied with the results and lowered waste due to the change in secondary packaging.

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