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Food, Retail, National Account


Clamshells, Custom Equipment, Logistics


Labor Savings, Technical Service

Cheese Cutting Facility Equipment

Re-Engineering a food kitchen from A to Z.

The Client

A national grocery chain with prepared-food kitchens

The Situation

This grocery chain started out in Southern California in the 1950’s with just a few small stores. After being purchased, they started buying their food direct from the manufacturers and packaging it themselves to cut costs and to save themselves, and more importantly, the customer money. The success of this business model along with the high quality food being placed on their shelves propelled them to 100’s of stores all over the United States. After having problems trying to get a piece of machinery fixed, Pak West was called to help solve their mechanical problem.

The Challenge

From this service call, the Pak West service technician not only fixed the machine, which thrilled the client, but used his expert knowledge of the machinery and materials to secure the client’s shrink film business.  This led to a contract to provide shrink-wrap machinery and materials for their cheese cutting and packaging department.  When our client decided it was time to upgrade their entire cheese cutting process, they asked Pak West to analyze and design all the machinery and materials upstream and downstream in the process.

The Solution

Processed Solution ImagePak West’s integrated-solutions team engineered and specified the logistics from slicers to scales to wrapping to tray washing.  It included tamper-evident packaging, labeling systems, air compressors and dryers, metal detection, laser marking, and check weighers.  The solution was installed as an efficient turn-key system in three cheese facilities across the U.S.  But, the solution went beyond just machinery and materials.  Our inventory and logistics programs reduced the need for added floor space and greatly increased cash flow.  The service team provided bilingual training, after-hours support, emergency service, and preventative maintenance. Our full-service expertise eliminated the need for a customer-supplied engineering team and additional on-site service technicians.  From this, Pak West was asked to upgrade their salad, sandwich, and entrée kitchens for a total of seven facilities.

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