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Increased Sales, Shelf Life

Pacific Flexible Film Packaging

Adjusting the batter of a consumable and overall process yields a longer shelf life and higher output

The Client

A bakery specializing in gluten-free cookies

The Situation

Located in the Pacific Northwest, this bakery serviced over 2,000 locations in parts of the U.S. and Canada. The introduction of individually-wrapped gluten-free cookies required custom-printed overwrap film expertise as well as support for machinery purchased specifically for this product.

The Challenge

The bakery was using unprinted overwrap film with hand-placed labels that lacked both shelf life and shelf presence in the stores. The company needed Pak West to help with the art design and proper specification of the film they thought they needed for these cookies as well as to provide support for the new machinery. The bakery needed a fully-integrated packaging company with start-to-finish knowledge.

The Solution

productThe Pak West/PacFlex team determined that the original film intended to be used by the company was the wrong structure for the shelf life desired and also had an issue of ink pickoff. They added an extra film layer to increase shelf life and made adjustments needed to the sealing machinery to accommodate the new film. The new film increased the shelf life enabling the bakery to increase sales to the Midwest and East Coast in the U.S. as well as improve the product’s packaging aesthetics with fully-printed film. In addition, the machinery adjustments increased overall throughput, which exceeded the customer’s expectations. Pak West also contracted to provide local warehousing to stock the film and facilitated LTL deliveries decreasing costs. The Pak West team is now in development to manage the bakery’s shipper business as well.

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