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Pak West Bakery Containers

Preventing Crumbling Profits

“Pak West and its sister companies have been an integral part of product and process development to meet the needs of our high volume customers. Their ability to understand our daily challenges and provide practical solutions at every stage of the evolution of new product development and ultimately the ‘launch’ is, I believe, an unparalleled set of capabilities committed to customer success.”

Western Operations Manager

The Client

A bakery located in Southern California

The Situation

This small, privately held bakery, with unique recipes for various cookies and bakery items relied on us to re-engineer the facility and equipment and to maximize throughput; while our packaging team continued to refine the packaging materials, as well as providing logistics that allowed for maximum utilization of space for manufacturing, minimized internal processing costs, while delivering sustainable cash flow benefits. The success of this alliance resulted in growth that exceeded all expectations. In 2007, a major US baker acquired our client and then again in 2010 an international baking company, which supplies baked goods to major fast food chains in 5 continents and 11 countries, acquired them. Our clients’ expansion in their customer base increased volumes and longer shipping distances resulted in unexpected issues with the packaging. Additionally, further refinements to their internal baking processes to meet the ever-rising demand were an ongoing challenge.

The Challenge

The increase in transit distance and additional handling was causing breakage of the cookies in the existing packaging, resulting in a negative financial impact on our client and sales losses for their customer. The issues were multifold; develop new packaging, reducing damage, while still maintaining the same case count and shipping footprint within the cost parameters. Additionally, the materials must facilitate automation to ensure throughput standards were met. Pak West also needed to provide engineering and facility upgrades to ensure continued expansion.

The Solution

pf 111110_pw2_014Through learned experiences, our team developed and patented a design that individually cradled and stabilized each cookie, to absorb the in-transit and handing shock, as well as significant temperature variables, while meeting all of the prerequisites for cookie count and shipping footprint. The resulting packaging design and material changes necessitated re-engineering the packaging line to improve functionality as well as throughput. The client enjoyed a reduction from three percent (3%) to less than one percent (1%) cookie breakage upon arrival to the customer.

Additionally, knowing the environmental sensitivity of our client, the new packaging substrate included more than 70% recycled resins. To accommodate our client’s ongoing growth, our engineers redesigned the material handling processes, and our millwrights completed installation in a time line that did not interrupt ongoing production, which ensured no significant loss of productivity and attendant increase in costs. Finally, the logistics and reporting alignments were refined and upgraded, once again to minimize administrative process, while ensuring maximum utilization of space and cash flow, without any production downtime.

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