The Wrapped Solution


Food Production


Extruder, Flow Wrapper, Conveyors, Film


Automation, Labor Savings, Space Maximization, Throughput Process

Improving throughput and productivity to allow for expansion.

The Client

A labor intensive burrito, sandwich, and other food production facility.

The Situation

The facility had reached capacity but was looking to expand.  Pak West, along with sister division Pacific Conveyor Systems, explored using automation processes to increase productivity and throughput to allow for additional growth within the facility.

The Challenge

The challenge was automating the burrito process.  The manual process had employees hand scooping fillings onto the tortillas, hand rolling the burritos, and then tightly wrapping them in Kraft paper sealing them with a label.

The Solution

The following proposal was accepted and implemented:

  1. Filling is fed into an extruder joined to a conveyor that carries manually-placed tortillas.
  2. A photo eye locates the tortillas and extrudes the filling onto each tortilla.
  3. Operators along the conveyor hand roll the burritos placing them back onto the conveyor.
  4. A manually-fed flow wrapper wraps the burritos in film.
  5. An accumulation conveyor collects the burritos for packaging into shipping cartons.

For the sandwiches, the extruder is removed from the line, where the sandwiches are manually made.  The assembled sandwiches follow the conveyor to the flow wrapper, are wrapped, and are accumulated for packaging into the shipping cartons.

Pak West and PCS delivered on all the conveyors, installed the third-party equipment (extruder and flow wrapper), and are supplying the film for the burritos and sandwiches.

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