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Why use Pak West for Project Management?

Most small to mid-size companies lack the internal expertise to initiate and manage upgrades to packaging lines, packaging materials and their branding processes. It takes significant investment to have a full time staff to manage product development packaging, production lines and warehousing. In many instances our clients retained outside resources to work on upgrading the downstream processes, paying large sums of money for short-term projects in addition to the costs associated with these upgrades. Pak West has assembled a team of professionals who are not only capable of providing the metrics of consultancy, but capable of managing the entire scope of the project, including: throughput process improvement, branding, material and equipment design, international sourcing, creative financing, logistics and detailed reporting.

The Pak West staff has years of both formal engineering education and real world experience. Our staff includes industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, millwrights, equipment specialists, programmers and developers. We bring together their intellectual currency into one team of highly creative, critical thinking minds.

Pak West Packaging Project Management

A true process and packaging “Think Tank”. The overall forward vision of the company and our staff allows for flexibility in our business relationships, commitment to a successful outcome on projects, and also a commitment to uphold the desires of our clients and those involved. We believe this collection of resources is unique, and in combination with our custom equipment manufacturing, global sourcing, creative designing, modern tools and technology, create an unbeatable solution-based platform that can replicate or replace the need for our client’s investment in similar personnel.

Pak West

What roles can Pak West play?

– Procurement
– Logistics/Warehousing
– Packaging Engineer
– Production Engineer
– Inventory Control
– Cash Flow Management
– Product Research & Branding
– Facility & Process Optimization
– Sustainability Initiatives
– Domestic & Global Sourcing