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Because most people do not know the difference between Sustainable, Recyclable, Compostable, and Biodegradable Packaging, Pak West hosted a seminar on The Truths and Myths of Green Packaging in April of 2014. Attended by scores of food processing professionals, we showcased a variety of sustainable packaging materials including bagasse (sugarcane), molded pulp fiber, corn-based bio-plastics, wood fiber, and other alternative, compostable, and biodegradable packaging items.  Pak West has the answers when it comes to these materials, their costs, the equipment compatibility, and the carbon footprint advantages.  These items are available from stock domestic catalogs or are custom engineered around the unique needs of your product and sourced from our world-wide database of manufacturers.

Pak West Packaging Sustainability

We also understand that most U.S. landfills do not provide adequate oxygen, light and moisture to properly break down even the most eco-friendly packaging materials. Our consultants can work with food and non-food manufacturers to determine the best materials for the application. Will sustainable packaging alternatives lead to increased sales? How will the end user product be affected by a change of packaging materials? Can “pre-cycling” or source reduction produce better results and provide the least amount of CO2 emissions?

Pak West Packaging Sustainability Seminar

Sustainability Case Study Infographics

How does your choice of packaging affect cost, transportation and/or the environment?

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Pre-Cooked Meat

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Padded Meat Tray

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Pak West Packaging Sustainability Case Study Chipboard

Frozen Waffles

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Pak West Packaging Sustainability Case Study Water Bottles

Water Bottles

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