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Project Management

Our project management team offers you the optimal solution to all your packaging needs from conception to completion. Pak West has assembled a team of professionals who are not only capable of providing the metrics of consultancy, but capable of managing the entire scope of the project.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our staff includes project managers, industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers, graphic and structural designers, millwrights, equipment specialists, programmers and developers. We bring together their intellectual currency into one team of highly creative, critical thinking minds to offer a full range of solutions.

Throughput Process Improvement

Our consulting specialists can help you determine the most effective equipment to increase your upstream output. Pak West experts will examine your current processing and packaging lines looking for the most cost-efficient and optimal solutions.

Packaging Design, Procurement, and Logistics

Our team of industry professionals collaborate with clients to improve overall profit and satisfaction. We find specialized solutions while also satisfying all packaging requirements because we know each client is unique. Whether it is the shortest lead-time, the most environmentally friendly, or cost-efficient, Pak West has the solution.

Cash Flow Maximization

Our goal is to help our customers succeed and to meet their needs. Programs such as consignment inventory, vendor managed inventory, equipment placement, JIT deliveries, summary billing, creative logistics, and financing programs are available to ensure customer satisfaction.

Service & Support

Our top priority is servicing our clients. Not only do we provide expert emergency service, but we also offer scheduled maintenance, after-hours support, machinery rebuilding, packaging line optimization, and bilingual technicians. Pak West offers discounted maintenance contracts for clients who purchase packaging materials from us as well.