Throughput Process Improvement 2014-11-24T16:12:15+00:00

We know that there are many things that contribute to the success of a product, so let our staff do time and motion studies to find where your manufacturing and packaging dollars can be better spent, how to better utilize warehouse and manufacturing space, how to reduce the cost of labor, and improve production.

Pak West will examine your current processing and packaging lines looking for cost-justifiable ways to reduce headcount through automation and increase your output through improved processes.

Are you better off using your warehouse space to store materials or can it be put to better use by expanding your processing and packaging lines? Utilizing our warehouse space can greatly free up needed space on your floor while improving your cash flow. Creative logistics is another valuable service we provide. Your warehouse, our warehouse, or 3rd party? That depends on your requirements, your location, and your available space.

We specialize in time and motion studies in an effort to find wasted or unnecessary labor. The ultimate goal is a quality product, produced and packaged with the least amount of labor possible and packaged in the most cost-effective materials that match your distribution methods and marketing efforts.