Turn-Key System Development 2014-12-24T08:29:41+00:00

Many companies offer “Turn-Key” systems. But, do they really? Pak West has the ability to offer true Project Management, Throughput Process Improvement Engineering as well as Custom Equipment Engineering, Designing, and Manufacturing. We take that knowledge and combine it with the capabilities of our scores of equipment manufacturers to offer a full range of custom and stock solutions. We develop the proposed processing and packaging lines on AutoCAD integrating your existing machinery and conveyors with new or custom machinery and conveyors. We take into account doors, walls, air and electrical drops, and employee and forklift access and offer a true Turn-Key solution.

Processing, Packaging, Inspection and Material Handling solutions are all in our wheelhouse. How many single source providers offer solutions like x-ray equipment, robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles all under one roof?

We offer the “Packaging Think Tank” to create the vision, the engineering expertise to manufacture in-house, the vendor base to take advantage of existing technologies, and the technical staff to install, train, and support the line after completion.